Product Information

About the timber

Using only Australian Blackbutt Hardwood, all of our timber products are handcrafted in our factory in Sydney NSW. Australian Blackbutt is classified as a Class 1 durability timber (the highest rating possible) and is termite resistant. It is a structural grade hardwood with an outdoor life expectancy of 20-40 years therefore, well suited to harsh outdoor environments. Being kiln dried it also has a very low shrinkage factor, ensuring the furniture is stable.

The timber is harvested using sustainable management practices that comply with Australian Forestry Standards. (Australian Forestry Standards recognises world’s best practice. For further information we suggest you see

All the Hardwood products are treated with a protective coating prior to delivery, unless otherwise requested. The treatment provides additional protection from the elements, and gives a deeper natural colour to the timber. We also supply untreated hardwood products at a discounted price for custom staining. Please note, although the coating does offer additional protection, the timber itself holds an outdoor life expectancy of over 15 years, untreated.

Hardwood timber contains an oil or tannin in its pores. When first exposed to moisture this surface oil/tannin will bleed or
weep. The time period for this process to complete varies with timber, temperature and humidity. Generally, a season of rain will remove most of the oil but the actual time required varies. The oil/tannin is not sticky but can stain (looks similar to weak coffee) so it is important to cover or protect anything that could be stained during this initial period including bench cushions. Once complete, the timber will not bleed again. A short inconvenience for many years of great service from your new setting!

Combinations, dimensions and more

Beccali Furniture settings are made in various designs and range from 2 to 18 seaters. If our standard dimensions do not suit your needs, we are happy to look at making a custom sized setting for you. Please contact us on 0413035213 or for a custom size quote.

All items can be purchased separately, allowing consumers to mix-and-match pieces creating their own setting combination.

We encourage consumers to look at multi-purpose buying for example, a stool is also a great outdoor side/coffee table, benches are also great planter stands and/or wall tables. And, always remember, we can custom size pieces.

Umbrella holes can be added to the tables . Please request this at the time of placing your order.