About Us

Since 2009, Beccali Furniture, a family-owned Australian business, has been providing high-quality hardwood timber furniture to a range of establishments such as restaurants, cafes,  daycare centers, schools, shopping centers to name a few. We also continue to offer our products direct to the public.

At Beccali Furniture, we pride ourselves on producing affordable furniture with exceptional quality, and we prioritize providing excellent customer service. Our customers appreciate our commitment to their satisfaction, even after the sale has been completed. We offer consistent communication before, during, and after your purchase.

We have recently expanded our custom sizing offering to include all buyers, not just commercial buyers.

Our furniture range includes timber outdoor settings and accessories that are constructed by fully qualified carpenters. We have a variety of setting designs available in different sizes, ranging from standard to children's sizes, accommodating 2 to 18 seaters. We also offer outdoor accessories such as stools, benches, daybeds, and covers.

To ensure that we maintain our high standards, we conduct an annual satisfaction survey where we contact a select number of buyers from the previous year and gather feedback on topics such as product satisfaction, customer service standards, and maintenance levels. This feedback helps us assess our business and product standards and identify areas for further development and improvement.