Outdoor Timber Dining Tables

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Our beautiful outdoor furniture is all about that modern design and top-notch quality! We use 100% kiln-dried F27 solid Australian hardwood (blackbutt) timber that's compliant with the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS). We're serious about giving you a quality finish, so each item is handcrafted by a skilled carpenter, not mass-produced. You can be sure that these pieces are built to last!

Our flagship design, the 'Exemplar,' combines elegance and practicality. The sleek lines and clever design make it our customer's number one choice over and over. Though Exemplar tables vary in length, all share a comfortable width of 90cm, providing ample space for an effortless dining experience. Moreover, the benches conveniently slide under the table when not in use.

Another winner in our line-up of outdoor furniture designs is the 'Slim Line,', our latest design. This design boasts all the charm and space-efficient features of the Exemplar, only in a compact size. At a slender width of 70cm, the Slim Line design offers the perfect solution for those with a limited outdoor space. Despite its slim profile, it maintains the functionality of allowing bench seats to tuck neatly underneath, proving to be a huge hit with customers.

The Venetian Design is a 'limited time only' design. When available this design is a real hit and stock runs out quick! The Venetian Design offers the same structural integrity, timber quality and dimensions as the Exemplar Design, just with the timber slats running length ways. The long lines of the natural timber lengths bring a warm and inviting aesthetic that adds a touch of natural beauty to any space. A beautiful simple design.