The maintenance of your new hardwood timber product is minimal. We recommend a light sand and oil using a decking oil containing a UV guard. Depending on how exposed the furniture is to the weather, this may be required every 2-3 years. Please follow the instructions on the decking oil packaging, to produce the correct and best results for your hardwood.

Hardwood timber contains an oil or tannin in its pores. When first exposed to moisture this surface oil/tannin will bleed or weep. The time period for this process to complete varies with timber, temperature and humidity. Generally, a good few weeks of consistant rain will remove most of the tannin but the actual time required varies. The oil/tannin is not sticky but can stain (looks similar to weak coffee) so it is important to cover or protect anything that could be stained during this initial period. Once complete, the timber will not bleed again. A short inconvenience for 20-40 years of great service from your new setting!