Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Tell me about the colour of the timber when it is oiled.
A. Australian Blackbutt Hardwood is a 'blonde' colour timber. We oil the timber using a water based decking oil. This oil slightly darkens the timber to a medium brown. The website images show a range of timber colours due to the lighting and quality of the images.
If you wish for a certain colour finish, we recommend you purchase the item raw and apply your own oil or stain.

Q. Tell me about the timber you use.
A. All of our products are made in Sydney from Australian Blackbutt Hardwood. The timber is harvested using sustainable management practices that comply with Australian Forestry Standards. Australian Forestry Standards recognises world’s best practice. For further information we suggest you see
Australian Blackbutt is classified as a Class 1 durability timber (the highest rating possible) and is termite resistant. It is a hardwood and well suited to harsh outdoor environments. Being kiln dried it also has a very low shrinkage factor, ensuring the furniture is very stable.

 Q. I have seen similar settings in large department stores and the tables and benches seem weak and unstable, how sturdy is your setting?
A. As each of our setting pieces are handcrafted and not mass produced, each bolt and screw used to assemble the setting is fitted perfectly, no loose threads or gaps. Also, the smart design of our furniture means your setting has additional bracing and therefore, is built strong meaning it will not rock or wobble like other outdoor furniture.

 Q. Is the timber finished in a protective coating or stain?
A. All of our Hardwood products are treated with a number of coats of oil. The treatment provides additional protection from the elements, and gives a deeper natural colour to the timber. We also supply untreated hardwood products at a discounted price. Please note, although the coating does offer additional protection, the timber itself holds an outdoor life expectancy of 20-40 years, untreated. Therefore, we do not oil the parts of the timber that are not exposed to the elements ie. the underneath of the table/bench tops.

 Q. What type of maintenance is required?
A. The maintenance of your new hardwood timber product is minimal. We recommend a light sand and re-oil using a decking oil containing a UV guard. Depending on how exposed the furniture is to the weather, this may be required every 2-3 years. Please follow the instructions on the decking oil packaging, to produce the correct and best results for your hardwood

 Q. How difficult is the assembly?

A. The setting is sent to you partially assembled and is so easy we don’t even provide you with instructions. For the table top and bench tops the slats are screwed into the timber frame, arriving in one piece. The legs (end pieces) are also partially assembled with galvanised screws, bolts and glue. The only assembly required is the attachment of the legs (end pieces) to the table and bench tops. If it is a Lazy Boy setting you have purchase you will also receive the back pieces for attachment to the bench. (All bolts required to assemble the setting are provided)

Q. What is the difference between the Exemplar and Venetian Designs?
A. The difference between the Exemplar and Venetian Designs is the direction that the timber slats run. The timber slats on the Venetian settings, are longer and run the length of the table and benches. Whilst the timber slats on the Exemplar settings, are shorter and run the width of the table and benches.

Q. I live in Sydney, is the setting delivered assembled?
A. If you delivery is in Sydney NSW then the your setting could be delivered to you assembled or assembled on site. Please contact us to find out if you live within the assembled delivery radius).

Q. I live in Sydney and work long hours, how flexible are your delivery times?
A. We can deliver your setting weeknights or weekends. We book a time to suit your schedule, not ours!

 Q. I dont live in Sydney, can you deliver anywhere in Australia?

A. Yes, we are able to send our items, flat packed via TNT Couriers. The item/s are sent to you in a box on a pallet and assembly is required. Due to the weight and size of some of our settings, the courier company may only be able to deliver the pallet to the street address and not inside the building. This is especially the case for multi level buildings and buildings with entry stairs or similar. In these cases, you as the customer will need to unwrap the item and move the setting, piece by piece.

Q. Can I view a setting before placing an order?
A. Yes, you can now view one of our products in our factory in Sydney NSW. Viewings are arranged by appointment only. Please contact us for more information and to arrange a suitable date and time.

Q. I was told Hardwood timber “bleeds or weeps” initially. How long does this last?
A. Hardwood timber contains an oil called tannin in its pores. When first exposed to moisture the tannin will bleed or weep. The time period for this process to complete varies with timber, temperature and humidity. Generally, a good few weeks of consistant rain will remove most of the tannin but the actual time required varies. The tannin is not sticky but can stain (looks similar to the colour of the finished timber or weak coffee) so it is important to cover or protect anything that could be stained during this initial period. Once complete, the timber will not bleed again. A short inconvenience for 15-40 years of great service from your new setting! Please note, although the colour is similar, the tannin being released is not the oil that is used to finish your setting and therefore, you do not need to reapply the oil once the bleeding process has finished.