Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture

CommercIal Grade Outdoor Furniture

 Runinng a commercial venue is challenging to say the least. On the short list is the right location, the right food, the right atmosphere and the right furniture.

 Maximising the number of diners you host at any given time is one of the main keys to the sucess of your establishment. How disappointing would it be to have to turn people away because you simply don't have the seats.

 Beccali Furniture's creative dining options will help. Our stylish commercial grade furniture allows you to maximise the number of diners you can host without taking up too much space. Offering communal style dining furniture that is great for indoor or outdoor use. The solid australian hardwood timber adds warmth and character, while your guests share a bench, a meal and a few drinks while they create memories and cherished moments together.

 We specialise in creative seating, communal seating and custom sizing our designs. We can make tables as narrow at 60cm for those small, intimate settings.

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