Daycare / School FURNITURE

 Children grow up fast and their creative, active minds never seem to pause. Our role as adults is to create a safe, inspiring and nuturing environment for our little ones to grow to their full potential.

 At Beccali Furniture it was imperative that if we were to create furniture for children, that it be all of these things.

 We are proud to say that we have done just that.

 Is it safe? YES
 All of the materials used to make our childrens furniture range is made from non-treated timber, non-toxic oil and non-toxic glue. The fixings are galvanised to prevent rusting and the design structure is such that it will not tip over when being used.

 Is it inspiring? YES
 Being an Australian based manufacturer we have the privilege of being able to customise our items. Buy a raw finish timber set and create away with your own DIY, Pinterest inspired, childrens furniture set.

 Is it nuturing? YES
 With our Children's Furniture the options are endless. From an arts and craft table to an alfresco dining setting to sandpit benches to mud room seating and self help areas.

 All of our furniture items are made to suit childrens play areas, daycare centres, school playground spaces and family homes.

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