Exemplar 3 Piece 8 Seater


Entertain in style with one of our most popular outdoor settings the 3pc 8 Seater Exemplar, made from solid Australian grown Blackbutt Hardwood.


Our simple, space saving and versatile design suits all dining and outdoor spaces. Whether you live in a city apartment with a moderate balcony for entertaining, or the suburbs with a yard and a patio to enjoy. Our pieces can be custom sized as well as purchased individually for you to mix and match, alter and create your own unique setting.

Gather your family and friends and enjoy life’s moments while sharing a bench and a meal. Communal dining at its finest. Add additional seating with single stools or benches, or why not double up and extend furniture all together, using two settings side by side or end to end.


Country of Origin:Australia

Manufacturer:Beccali Furniture

Product Type:Timber Table and Benches

Style:Hardwood Timber

Material: Australian Blackbutt Hardwood Timber (refer below)

Colour:Medium brown, Natural timber

Finish:Water based oil or raw sanded timber finish

Number of pieces:3 Pieces

Dimensions:Table - 1800 x 900 x 750mm (length x width x height)

Benches - 1585 x 350 x 430mm (length x width x height)

Weight:120kgs total

Structural Warranty: 36 months


Type:Australian Blackbutt Hardwood

Durability: Class 1 durability timber. Highest rating possible

Grade:Structural grade, standard and better

Compliance:Australian Forestry Standards

Termite resistant:Yes

Kiln dried:Yes

Fixings:Galvanised screws and bolts


Price excludes GST

Disclaimer: Hardwood timber contains an oil or tannin in its pores. When first exposed to moisture this surface oil/tannin will bleed or weep. The time period for this process to complete varies with timber, temperature and humidity. Generally, a few good weeks of consistent rain will remove most of the oil but the actual time required varies. The oil/tannin is not sticky but can stain (looks similar to the oil colour or coffee). Tannin stains can be removed however, it is important to cover or protect anything that may be stained during this initial period including bench cushions. Once bleeding is complete, the timber will not bleed again. A short inconvenience for many many years of owning a solid hardwood timber setting!

Image displayed may not be the setting that is described above. Images are provided by customers and are taken on location