14, 16 & 18 Seater Settings

Beccali Furniture currently offers three different design across all setting sizes ranging from 2-18 seaters.

The Exemplar design is the original design for Beccali Furniture. With its simple design and smart space saving features, Exemplar settings are by far our most popular.

The Venetian design has the same smart space saving features as the Exemplar. The only difference between the two designs is the Venetian design slats run the length of the setting, whilst the Exemplar design has the slats running the width of the setting.

The Lazy Boy Design is a relaxed version of the Exemplar just with the addition of back pieces to the Exemplar benches.

Note: We do not currently have images available for all 2-18 Seater Venetian & Lazy Boy settings, alhough these sizes are available. Please contact us to find out more