About Us

Beccali Furniture is an Australian owned, family run business. We have been supplying high quality hardwood timber furniture to hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, daycare centres, schools, councils, shopping centres and many other businesses as well as supplying direct to the public since 2009.

Beccali Furniture manufactures timber outdoor settings and accessories with 100% of the construction of all timber products being completed by fully qualified carpenters. We offer a number of setting designs across a variety of different sizes, ranging from 2 to 18 seater settings in both, standard and children sizes as well as outdoor accessories including stools and benches, daybeds and covers.

Over the years we have been known for producing high quality, affordable furniture and offering great customer service. Previous customers have appreciated that they can make contact and ask any question they have about their setting, long after the sale has taken place. With Becali Furniture you will have the added peace of mind of being able to communicate with the same person, before, during and after your buying is complete.

In early 2016 we noticed that more and more people are living in limited spaces and were missing out on a relaxed outdoor dining experience at home. No one wants to miss out on enjoying those beautiful warm  Australian summer nights and crisp autumn mornings, eating outside in style.

So we decided to extend our offering of custom sizing to not only our commerical buyers but to all of our buyers. 

Beccali Furniture conducts an annual satisfaction survey where a select number of buyers, from the past year, are contacted and feedback gathered on topics such as product satisfaction, customer service standards and maintenance levels. From the information gathered, we are able to assess the business & product standards for further development and improvement (if required).